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The Oxford Spanish Play (OSP) is the first ever drama company to perform in Spanish at Oxford. It aims to promote the Spanish language and literature from Spain. Est. 2011.​


In 2011, Alejandra Albuerne, an Oxford Engineering and Archeology DPhil student, and Alfie Enoch, an Oxford Spanish and Portuguese finalist, came together to stage Lope de Vega’s La dama boba. Soon after, the play’s female lead, Marina Pérez de Arcos, an Oxford MPhil in International Relations, and Alejandra set up the Oxford Spanish Play (OSP). The aim: to make our first play develop into a wider and long-lasting project at Oxford. With three plays and several play readings, the OSP continues to bring Spanish theatre to the English stage.

The OSP is an international, intergenerational and interdisciplinary theatre company. Over the years, we have had students and researchers of the University of Oxford of all disciplines (from Philosophy to Inorganic Chemistry) from over ten different nationalities: Spanish, Chilean and Mexican, but also British, American, Canadian, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, and Greek. The diversity of the OSP is unprecedented in the drama scene at Oxford, highlighting the growing popularity of the Spanish language.

We work closely with the University of Oxford’s Spanish Sub-faculty

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